The basis for a well-designed and functional tool is a quality and professionally designed construction, which is why we are aiming to find a technically best solution at the stage of tool development. Close collaboration with clients is important and it develops already in the methodology planning, where wishes, needs and requirements of the final products are coordinated. An important segment is the optimized sheet metal consumption, where we seek to find an optimal cost-effective solution and thereby exploit the full potential of modern technologies. 


As well as in the construction, we also have a superb staff in our programming team that works with top-level programming languages, which are constantly updated. With qualified personnel in production, top-notch hardware and quality logistic system we can manufacture and test tools up to a total weight of 40 t and even more.


Our products are quality-designed and optimized tools, which are accompanied by a "blue tool image" and a measurement protocol of products from the tool.  Along with the buyer we do the takeover of tools on our presses, as well as on serial presses at the customers’ grounds. We can also make pre-production pieces at our presses if necessary.

Our business strategy focuses on close collaboration with business partners at all stages of development

Solely with top-notch equipment and extensive engineering knowledge we can satisfy the needs of our most demanding clients and provide cost optimization at the same time.