Modernization and rapid development

The technological development has led to increase the number of employees. Today, the company employs 45 highly qualified and motivated associates with expert knowledge and experience in the mechanical engineering. Among the associates there are also 10 engineers. Employees are regularly undergoing training and education in order to grow together with the company. With an expertise in numerous fields that gives us an opportunity for a faster company development and a higher quality of the production.


Establishment of the company

Establishment of the craft production with the aim to produce metal and non-metallic products.


Purchase of the first CNC machine

Purchase of milling machines AG 400 and AG 250 enabling the manufacture of more complex machine parts.


Setting new office space

Production was moved to a new location in the Industrial zone TAM. During that time production was modernized with two CNC machines.


Company specialization

We transformed the crafting company into a company for the production of tools and components for the automotive industry. It was in that time that the company's policy was also outlined, dealing exclusively with tool-making.


Setting a new production facility

A year 2014 represents a groundbreaking year for the company, since the entire company moved to a new business-manufacturing facility in the Industrial zone Tezno. Facilities were built according to the latest standards, equipped with the modern, state-of-the-art technology and thus adapted for smooth operation in the production.


Širitev proizvodne dejavnosti

Investicija v nabavo najnovejših strojev, povečanje proizvodne površine ter zagon proizvodnje večjih izdelkov.